In Memory

Members that are no longer with us. May they never be forgotten –

(Please contact the webmaster for additions to this list)

Frederick C. Achenbach – 457th BG

Josephine K. Ardizzi – U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey

Peter F. Ardizzi – 482nd BG

John Barker – 467th BG

Joe Black – 357th FG

Col. Charles H. Booth, Jr. – 458th BG

Robert W. Breiling – 493rd BG

J. Richard Butler – 458th BG

John S. de Cani – 489th BG

LTC. Merritt E. Derr – 44th BG

Theodore Dowalo – 44th/448th/449th BG

John T. “Jack” Durkin – 390th BG

Lee D. Eisenhart – 339th FG

John “Jack” Fanelli – 389th BG

Frank M. Farrel, Jr. – 486th BG

John A. Farrington – 446th BG

Dan Fisher – 466th BG

Reba Fisher – Wife of Dan

Archibald W. Garvin – 385th BG

Robert L. Himes – 466th BG

Leon W. Hoffman – 401st BG

Robert M. Hornickel – 458th BG

Alfred P. Johansen – 306th BG

Edward L. Juliano – 78th FG / 96th BG

Richard Kashishian – 34th BG

Leo Robert Kimball – 100th BG

Donald R. Kinard – 389th BG

Joseph H. Klaput – 447th BG

Richard H. Krecker – 447th BG

Alexander G. Lee – 100th BG

Col. J. Bradley McManus – 364th FG

Paul R. Meeder – 34th BG

James D. Mickle – 303rd BG

Billie L. Miller – 92nd BG

Charles F. Minich – 453rd BG

John W. Morgan – 389th BG

Thomas S. Morin – 466th BG

William T. Mummery – 303rd BG

Fielder Newton – 389th BG

Ralph A. “Hap” Nicholas, Jr. – 448th BG

Michael Paider – 95th BG

Ralph K. Patton – 94th BG

Donald A. Petrecca – 100th BG

Frank Pierce – 95th BG

Albert G. Ramulis – 91st BG

Glenn H. Rojohn – 100th BG

Albert C. Santella – 303rd BG

M/Gen. Frank H. Smoker, Jr. – 92nd BG

Stanley J. Soderblom – 305th BG

Frank E. Speer – 4th FG

John A. Steininger

George A. Stiftinger – 486th BG

Winfield N. Stong – 2nd SAD

Arthur E. Swanson – 357th FG

Roger L. Tinkey – 452nd BG

David W. Traub – 486th BG

Charles W. Yeager – 486th BG

Col. Harry D. Yoder – 44th BG

Ernest W. Werstler – 452nd BG

Harry D. Ziegler – 339th FG



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  • Steve Huffman
    #1 written by Steve Huffman  10 months ago

    My uncle, 2LT John M. Soler, was Co-Pilot of ‘The Near-Sighted Robin’, interned in Sweden 24 Aug 1944. Looking for any info on him or the interned crew after the war. Thank you.

    Steve Huffman -USAF 187FW ,Retired

  • John Gluck
    #2 written by John Gluck  5 years ago

    My grandfather was Ed Craiger 1SG in the 339th P51 Mustangs. Any info you have about him, photos, stories, anything would be appreciated.

  • Lynne Gagnon
    #3 written by Lynne Gagnon  5 years ago

    My father Roger C. H. Gagnon was in the 305th Bombardment Group (H) Association. He was a POW in Germany shot down in Schweinfurt. He wrote a diary while a POW and documented priceless information that my sister and I have now. He sadly passed away June 5th, 2002. Anyone who may know anyone who was part of his crew on the B-17, I would appreciate if you could write me.

    Thank you!
    Lynne Gagnon

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