Components during World War II

  • 1st Bombardment (later, 1 Air) Division
Operated the B-17F/G Flying Fortress with “Triangle” tail codes between 22 February 1944 and 16 July 1945
Headquartered at Brampton Grange, Brampton, Huntingdonshire
1st Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Bassingbourn(Call sign: Goonchild/Swordfish)
91st Bombardment Group (Triangle-A), RAF Bassingbourn
381st Bombardment Group (Triangle-L), RAF Ridgewell
398th Bombardment Group (Triangle-W), RAF Nuthampstead
482d Bombardment Group (No Tail Code), (B-17, B-24) RAF Alconbury
RADAR-equipped pathfinder group. Attached to: VIII Composite Command, 14 Feb 1944 – 1 Jan 1945
40th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Thurleigh(Call sign: Bullpen/Foxhole)
92d Bombardment Group (Triangle-B), RAF Podington
305th Bombardment Group (Triangle-G), RAF Chelveston
306th Bombardment Group (Triangle-H), RAF Thurleigh
41st Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Molesworth(Call sign: Fatgal/Cowboy)
303d Bombardment Group (Triangle-C), RAF Molesworth
379th Bombardment Group (Triangle-K), RAF Kimbolton
384th Bombardment Group (Triangle-P), RAF Grafton Underwood
94th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Polebrook(Call sign: Ragweed/Woodcraft)
351st Bombardment Group (Triangle-J), RAF Polebrook
401st Bombardment Group (Triangle-S), RAF Deenethorpe
457th Bombardment Group (Triangle-U), RAF Glatton
67th Fighter Wing, Walcot Hall (Attached from VIII Fighter Command) (P-51D/K Mustang) (Call sign: Mohair)
20th Fighter Group, RAF Kings Cliffe
352d Fighter Group, RAF Bodney
356th Fighter Group, RAF Martlesham Heath
359th Fighter Group, RAF East Wretham
364th Fighter Group, RAF Honington
1st Scouting Force, (Attached to: 364th FG), RAF Honington

  • 2d Bombardment (later, 2 Air) Division
Operated B-24D/H/J/L/M Liberator with “Circle” tail codes until early February, 1944. Later designation was by various color vertical tail fins with contrasting horizontal, vertical, or diagonal stripes designating a specific bomb group between February 22, 1944 and June 25, 1945
Headquartered at Ketteringham Hall Norwich, Norfolk
2d Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Hethel(Call sign: Winston/Bourbon)
389th Bombardment Group (Circle-C, Black/White Vertical ), RAF Hethel
445th Bombardment Group (Circle-F, Black/White Horizontal), RAF Tibenham
453d Bombardment Group (Circle-J, Black/White Diagonal), RAF Old Buckenham
14th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Shipdham(Call sign: Hambone/Hardtack)
44th Bombardment Group (Circle-A), RAF Shipdham
392d Bombardment Group (Circle-D), RAF Wendling
491st Bombardment Group (Circle-Z), RAF North Pickenham (Aug 1944 – 16 Jul 1945)
492d Bombardment Group (Circle-U), RAF Harrington
20th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Hardwick(Call sign: Pinestreet/Bigbear)
93d Bombardment Group (Circle-B), RAF Hardwick
446th Bombardment Group (Circle-H), RAF Bungay
448th Bombardment Group (Circle-I), RAF Seething
489th Bombardment Group (Circle-W), RAF Halesworth (Aug 1944 – 16 Jul 1945)
95th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Halesworth(May-Aug 1944) (Call sign: Shamrock)
489th Bombardment Group (Circle-W), RAF Halesworth
491st Bombardment Group (Circle-Z), RAF North Pickenham
96th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Horsham St Faith(Call sign: Redstar/Lincoln)
458th Bombardment Group (Circle-K), RAF Horsham St. Faith
466th Bombardment Group (Circle-L), RAF Attlebridge
467th Bombardment Group (Circle-P), RAF Rackheath
65th Fighter Wing (Attached from VIII Fighter Command), Saffron Walden (P-51D/K Mustang) (Call sign: Colgate)
4th Fighter Group, RAF Debden
56th Fighter Group, RAF Boxted (P-47D Thunderbolt)
355th Fighter Group, RAF Steeple Morden
361st Fighter Group, RAF Little Walden
2d Scouting Force, (Attached to: 355th FG), RAF Steeple Morden

  • 3d Bombardment (later, 3 Air) Division
Operated B-17F/G Flying Fortress with Square tail codes between February 22, 1944 and July 16, 1945
Headquartered at RAF Honington, Thetford, Norfolk
4th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Bury St Edmunds(Call sign: Franklin/Hotshot)
Redesignated from: 92d Combat Bombardment Wing, November 22, 1944
Redesignated from: 4th Bombardment Wing (Provisional), February 16, 1945
94th Bombardment Group (Square-A), RAF Bury St. Edmunds
447th Bombardment Group (Square-K), RAF Rattlesden
486th Bombardment Group (Square-O/W), RAF Sudbury
(Converted from B-24s to B-17s, Summer 1944)
487th Bombardment Group (Square-P), RAF Lavenham
(Converted from B-24s to B-17s, Summer 1944)
13th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Horham(Call sign: Zootsuit/Fireball)
95th Bombardment Group (Square-B), RAF Horham
100th Bombardment Group (Square-D), RAF Thorpe Abbotts
390th Bombardment Group (Square-J), RAF Framlingham
45th Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Snetterton Heath(Call sign: Zootsuit/Fireball)
96th Bombardment Group (Square-C), RAF Snetterton Heath
388th Bombardment Group (Square-H), RAF Knettishall
452d Bombardment Group (Square-L), RAF Deopham Green
93d Combat Bombardment Wing, RAF Mendlesham, (Call sign: Zootsuit/Fireball)
34th Bombardment Group (Square-S), RAF Mendlesham
(Converted from B-24s to B-17s, Summer 1944)
385th Bombardment Group (Square-G), RAF Great Ashfield
490th Bombardment Group (Square-T), RAF Eye
(Converted from B-24s to B-17s, Summer 1944)
493d Bombardment Group (Square-S), RAF Little Walden
(Converted from B-24s to B-17s, Summer 1944)
66th Fighter Wing, Sawston Hall, (Attached from VIII Fighter Command) (P-51D/K Mustang) (Call sign: Oilskin)
55th Fighter Group, RAF Wormingford
78th Fighter Group, RAF Duxford
339th Fighter Group, RAF Fowlmere
353d Fighter Group, RAF Raydon
357th Fighter Group, RAF Leiston
3d Scouting Force, (Attached to: 55th FG), RAF Wormingford


  • 492d Bombardment Group, RAF North Pickenham, 18 Apr 1944 – 8 Jul 1945
Assigned directly to Eighth Air Force Headquarters, performed special operations (Operation Carpetbagger) missions.
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