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  • Dave Baldwin
    #1 written by Dave Baldwin  3 months ago

    In the first photo of the b17 381st group pat-spiers, what is the tail number of the last aircraft in the formation? I’m looking for 46163.

  • Susan Kreischer
    #2 written by Susan Kreischer  1 year ago

    Wow! Here I am. Looking at my Dads life in the Airforce. Bruce Kreischer was the only survivor.

  • Randy rubright
    #3 written by Randy rubright  1 year ago

    My grandfather Joe Marts was a crew chief.and I am searching for any information about him or his planes and crews he wears 389 bg 566 North Africa and England , galloping Katie ll ,NANA,and Pittsburgh peg are a few planes I know he was with.any info or people with any history or pics. Would be greatly appreciated.

  • Deacon Edward T Hinson
    #4 written by Deacon Edward T Hinson  1 year ago

    Thank you for all your service to our country as the GREATEST GENERATION. My father was a WWII US Navy Vet PTO as was his three brothers Navy) and one brother -US Army ETO. As a US Army Combat Medic Veteran of the 101st Airborne (Air Assault )Division, I am interested in joining the 8TH AF PA Chapter as an Associate Member. My ex-wife’s uncle Sam MARVICSIN was a B17 pilot with the 8th in England (can’t remember the base name). I keep all fellow veterans in my daily prayers.
    God Bless all US service personnel for all time!
    Deacon Ed Hinson
    Collegeville PA

  • Walter Wehlauch
    #5 written by Walter Wehlauch 2 years ago

    I understand the 453rd Group bombed the Rechlin site, April 10, 1945? If was born during the raid. Mom always said the bombing helped hurry me along.

  • Mark T. Pianka
    #6 written by Mark T. Pianka 2 years ago

    To my mother’s relative Frank Mariani Utica, NY ,Tail Gunner B17G ,390 BG 569th BS , 42-37763 shot down 12-20-43, anyone who has pictures please e-mail to Mark at Thank You,, GOD SPEED

  • Steven Russell
    #7 written by Steven Russell  3 years ago

    My uncle Paul Collis is the second from the right (knelling) in the crew photo. He was the Tail Gunner, who did the same 30 missions with Chuck Bednarik. I have the same photo and several pictures that my uncle gave to me from his album that he kept from the war. He passed away at age 36 from Lung Cancer. Their B-24 was called the Witchcraft which did 100 missions in 140 days. This site is really great.

    Steven Russell

  • marc smilen
    #8 written by marc smilen  3 years ago

    Forgive me. Its not relevant to Pennsylvania,. I dont know if that matters. I am seeking information on the Air force service of Lester Strew. He served in WWII and also In Korea. He was a crewmember on a B-25 in the pacific. Then he was a POW in a Japanese POW camp. He was liberated from the POW camp, and returned to service in the Pacific in New Guinea, with the AACS, the Army Airways Communuications Service.

  • Joel Christensen
    #9 written by Joel Christensen  4 years ago

    This is quite an interesting site. My Grandfather, Martin LeFevre, was a ball turret gunner on a B-17. He was in the 332nd Squadron, 94th Bomb Group. I suppose my interest stems from that. Keep up the good work, and thank you.

  • Scott Richards
    #10 written by Scott Richards  4 years ago

    Meant to add they were attacked by ME262s. He told us about seeing them and only that they were very fast.

  • Scott Richards
    #11 written by Scott Richards  4 years ago

    My father Arthur S Richards served with the 447th BG 710th Sqdn on the Slick Chick Oct 44-April 45. His last mission is in the book Masters of the Air soon to be HBO Speilberg/Hanks mini series. Last B17 shotdown by German AF 447th Dead Mans Hand.
    He died 9/21/2001, last time we spoke was on 9/11 as my brother was in the Pentagon when it was hit and he went on to fly 14 missions in his F15E and dropped bombs with my name on them! His son is now training to fly F22 Raptor, 3rd gen AF!

  • Amy Dryfoos
    #12 written by Amy Dryfoos  4 years ago

    My father, Herman Schonenberg, was a member of the 8th Air Force, 55th Fighter Group, 338th Fighter Squadron, based in Wormingford, England. He was deployed there from July 1944 to April 1945. He was a P-51 pilot with 2 confirmed kills. He is still living, at age 94, in Florida. Although never a resident of Pennsylvania, I wanted to add his information to your site. Thank you for keeping the memory of these brave men alive.
    Amy Schonenberg Dryfoos

    • admin
      #13 written by admin  4 years ago


      Thanks for sending this information. There was an ace pilot from the 55th named Earl Fryer who was from my hometown of Boyertown, PA. He was K.I.A. over Holland. His story is on the 55th FG website.
      Is it possible for me to get an autograph from your father? I collect autographs from WWII vets and currently have several from 55th FG veterans. I would love to add him to my collection with the others. I would also be more than happy to talk to him on the phone. Let me know.

      Regards, Chris Boswell – webmaster

    #14 written by MIKE ETZEL  4 years ago

    My Uncle,,Sgt. Edward Etzel jr.,,,was a BTG,,92nd BG,407th Sq,,K.i.a.,,Jan 1 ,1945,,,have been researching his history and his 17 missions,,please visit my memorial page on www’ of pictures and stories,,,always looking for information,,,Thankyou

  • kay churma
    #15 written by kay churma  4 years ago

    can’t believe I found a picture of my Dad ‘John Churma” on this site
    I was looking for pictures of WWII planes and found
    LT Morisette’s crew of the 412th Bomb Squadron.
    Wow to cool. Thanks for all your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miles M Moore
    #16 written by Miles M Moore  5 years ago

    Jess M Moore was my Father, he was killed over Germany in Dec of 1943. He was a radio operator on AC# 930

  • Bob Roberts
    #17 written by Bob Roberts 5 years ago

    Your site is a great tribute to those brave men who served in the 8th Air Force. I am with the Ohio Chapter of the 8th AF Historical Society and I am
    going to launch a website for our Chapter. I’ll be in touch about tips and suggestions! Thank you!

    • Charles T. Mignery
      #18 written by Charles T. Mignery  4 years ago

      Bob, my father was a WWII vet who served in the Army Air Corps. He was from Hamilton, Ohio. He is now deceased. He flew 35 missions over Germany from Dec. 1944 – April 1945. He was a radio operator. Just curious if you had time to put together the site you mentioned in post #9? You have my interest! Thanks, Charles T. Mignery, Hamilton, Ohio.

  • w.j. rabb
    #19 written by w.j. rabb  5 years ago

    T/Sgt. Alexander G. Lee was a radio operator and gunner with the 100th bomb group/418th bomb squadron. Sadly he passed away in 2010.Thank you for keeping the history of these men who have preserved our freedom alive. My grandfather was a great brave man and will be missed by many.

  • Matthew T. Walter
    #20 written by Matthew T. Walter  5 years ago

    My late uncle,Matthew W. Walter was a waist gunner and Togglier with the Shute crew of the 710th Bomb Squadron,447th Bomb Group from May 44 to Sept 44. he completed 31 combat missions. I’m trying to locate any surviving crew members or their relataves. He flew on the B-17G “STORMY WEATHERII and the RED HOT MAMA.

  • Lynne Gagnon
    #21 written by Lynne Gagnon  5 years ago

    My father Roger C.H. Gagnon was a radio operator on a B-17, 305th Bombardment Group (H) Association. His plane was shot down in Germany and he was captured in Schweinfurt in July 1944. He remained a POW until the end of the war. My father has left us a most precious diary documentating his 9 months in captivity. Anyone who might have been part of his crew, please feel free to write me. Sadly, Dad passed away June 5, 2002.

  • Ronald Roby
    #22 written by Ronald Roby  5 years ago

    I am looking for information about my father. His name was George H. Roby and he was in the 8th AF, 445th Bomber Group, Squadron 700. His B-24, S/N 42-95130 ditched in the North Sea on 6/21/1944 and I am looking for any pictures of the aircraft or crew. Could anyone give me any leads on where to find these?

  • David W. Brubaker, member 8th AF & PA Chapter
    #23 written by David W. Brubaker, member 8th AF & PA Chapter  5 years ago

    I’m trying to help the family of Sgt. Paul J. Caron aka “Shorty” of the 389th BG. He was a gunner on a B24 shot down on his first mission and taken POW.First he was in Dulag Luft and then Stalag Luft IV. He wrote a book titled “Sgt. Shorty” published in 2008. He was last in Stalag Luft 1. He was assigned to the 566th Bomb Squadron then the 567th. Anybody who served with “Shorty” please contact me at 570-265-9647. More information will follow at a later date.

  • Mark Romberger
    #24 written by Mark Romberger  5 years ago

    Nice start. I have been a member for the last ten years or so, ever since I had been doing reserch on my Uncle , Sgt. Ray C. Romberger. He flew several missions with the 406th / 28th Composite Group , in the Aleutians in july thru October in 1943. and 27 Missions with the 445th, 701 and 703ed. from august 44 to may 45. I enjoy the history, thanks for all. Mark

  • Steve Christensen
    #25 written by Steve Christensen  6 years ago

    My father, Donald R. Christensen, was KIA on 2 March, 1945 over Czechoslovakia. He was a member of the 8th Air Force, 398th. Thanks for keeping the memories of the 8th alive.

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